ASTM Weathering Steel Plate

What is the harm of banded structure of corten a weathering steel

The weldability of Corten A weathering steel is good. It means that under certain process and construction conditions, Corten A weathering steel can obtain good performance after welding. Weldability is a measure of the hot workability of steel. Weldability can be divided into weldability in construction and weldability in use. Weldability in construction refers to the sensitivity of cracking in weld metal and near seam zone, and hardening sensitivity of steel in near seam zone. Good weldability means that under certain welding process conditions, the weld metal and steel near the seam do not produce cracks. Weldability in use means that the mechanical properties of weld and HAZ steel are not lower than those of base metal.

The company sold 50,000 tons of hot rolled plates to Southeast Asian countries, which will help the construction of relevant Corten A weathering steel key projects in countries along the “Belt and Road”. In response to the local environment and construction needs in Southeast Asia, the company has made a number of improvements to its export products, with excellent cost performance such as low emissions and low fuel consumption. It is an ideal compaction equipment for the Corten A weathering steel construction of high-grade highways, railways, airports, ports and industrial sites. Loved by customers from countries along the “Belt and Road”.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "excellent quality and integrity", aims to create a first-class enterprise in the Corten A weathering steel industry, takes circular economy and resource reuse as the main line, takes energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development as the purpose, relies on advanced equipment, perfect transportation infrastructure and good reputation, and strives to become a leading enterprise in the Corten A weathering steel industry with scientific management, high quality, first-class service and harmonious development

With our bar bending experience and expertise—along with proper tooling, methods, and machinery—we can bend relatively thin and wide bars to tight radii with little to no distortion. We can bend a wide variety of bars, including hot rolled carbon steel, stainless, alloy, Inconel, brass, copper, and other alloys.

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