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What are the wide applications of sa588 grade b steel low cost

2000 tons hot rolled sheet sA588 Grade B steel low cost inventory list7*2920*8780, 6*1650*10570, 5.5*3000*5000, 6*2310*8500, 6*2750*9600, 7*2000*8950, 5*2570*8000, 6*1850*7510, 7*2560*8600, 8*2100*8000, 6*1750*8500, 7*2920*13000, 7*2920*8780, 8*2920*6300, 6*2960*10700, 6.5*2200*10000, 8*1800*6850, 8*3040*4000, 8*1500*4850, 8*1700*6300, 10*2000*7700, 10*2030*8200, 10*1750*6000.

The Iranian government recently imposed new restrictions on steel exports, requiring exporters to obtain an export license issued by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade before exporting. According to the latest restrictions, all Iranian steel producers must give priority to meeting domestic demand on the Iranian commodity exchange (IME) platform before being allowed to export. The new restrictions are aimed at reducing the country's sA588 Grade B steel low cost and so on steel exports.

Phosphorus element (P element) is brought into steel by ore. Generally speaking, phosphorus is also harmful element. Although phosphorus can increase the strength and hardness of sA588 Grade B steel low cost etc. steel, it also causes the decrease of plasticity and impact toughness. Especially at low temperature, it makes steel significantly brittle, which is called "cold brittleness". The higher the phosphorus content is, the greater the cold brittleness is. Therefore, the phosphorus content in sA588 Grade B steel low cost etc. steel is strictly controlled.

CortenB vs 45#: Corten B medium-carbon quenched and tempered steel has higher strength, toughness and hardenability than 45# steel. Corten B steel can obtain better comprehensive mechanical properties after quenching and tempering. The cutting performance is still good, but the welding performance is poor, the cold deformation plasticity is low, and the temper brittleness tendency. It is generally used in quenched and tempered state, and can also be used in quenched, tempered or normalized state.

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