ASTM Weathering Steel Plate

material of corten a steel with direct factory price

BBNsteel prime quality thick plate material of Corten A steel product stock: 31*1640*6150, 34*1460*4550, 34*2420*7300, 26*2800*5300, 32.5*3050*7000, 32*1600*4000, 36*1300*4500, 35*1300*4100, 26*2990*6000, 37*1600*8600, 32*2650*5500, 33*2550*6000, 34*2120*6100, 36*1500*6000, 45*1300*4000, 32*3300*6000, 40*1590*8000, 33*1750*6000, 33*1750*6000, 50*1800*6000, 65*2000*6000.

The tensile strength of seamless steel pipe is more than 8-10 times of that of ordinary steel, and its elastic modulus is better than that of steel, with excellent creep resistance, corrosion resistance and seismic resistance; the mechanical performance of seamless steel pipe is excellent, easy to machine, etc.; the seamless steel pipe material of Corten A steel is highly elastic, reused in mechanical equipment, memoryless, deformation free, and antistatic.

In the first quarter, material of Corten A steel, crude steel output in Asia amounted to 315.15 million mt, falling by 0.3 percent, with 234.45 million mt produced by China, up 1.2 percent, 24.36 million mt produced by Japan, decreasing by 2.4 percent, 27.5 million mt produced by India, falling by 5.3 percent, and 16.94 million mt produced by South Korea, down by 4.8 percent - with all comparisons on year-on-year basis.

Inspection index of steel plate blanking hot cutting parts:1. After the steel material of Corten A steel product is cut, the cut surface should be inspected for defects such as cracks and slag inclusions, usually by appearance inspection; 2. On the cut workpiece, information such as name, number, etc. should be marked, including component specifications, component materials, etc., so that it can be clear at a glance.

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