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The manufacturing process of hot rolled A588 Grade C steel hot-rolled steel plates is simpler and cheaper than cold-rolled steel plates. However, foreign experience believes that the hot-rolling method is only suitable for the production of steel plates with a thickness of 1.6 mm or more, and it is uneconomical for thinner hot rolled A588 Grade C steel steel plates. The surface quality and dimensional accuracy are not as good as cold-rolled steel plates. Hot-rolled steel plates on automobiles, in addition to frame longitudinal beams, cross beams and various brackets, also stamping wheel rims, roulettes, etc. that require a certain strength, and the surface is not stressed. Not too demanding shell cover, etc.

Myanmar's demand for hot rolled A588 Grade C steel steel products is likely to exceed 3 million tons in 2020 and 5 million tons by 2025, according to seaisi. However, Myanmar's producers are unable to meet domestic demand, so the country's steel products are more dependent on imports. In 2019, Myanmar imported more than 1.9 million tons of hot rolled A588 Grade C steel finished steel, including 57% of long products, 13% of uncoated hot-rolled and cold-rolled flat products, and 30% of coated steel. In order to reduce its dependence on imports, Myanmar plans to increase its steel production capacity by building and expanding steel mills.

In the final analysis, the market competition is the competition for customers. Whether selling products or services, the final customer satisfaction is the standard to test the success or failure of marketing work. The so-called after-sales service is to fully understand customers, study customer psychology, pay attention to after-sales details, improve work shortcomings, improve service quality, and Exchange customer brand loyalty through the whole process of quality service.

The size of the crystal grains can be controlled by the annealing conditions of the hot rolled A588 Grade C steel steel sheet, and the boiling steel sheet is more likely to change greatly. Especially in order to improve the formability of boiling hot rolled A588 Grade C steel steel and the processability of enamel products (such as not easy to foam), it is decarburized and annealed to make cold-rolled steel sheets with coarser grains and soft texture. However, if the crystal grains are too coarse, the forming limit of spinning may be reduced.

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