ASTM Weathering Steel Plate

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Strip steel Corten A steel price is actually a very long sheet, supplied in coils. Strip steel can be produced on a continuous rolling mill with multiple stands. When cut into a fixed length, it is a sheet steel, so its productivity is higher than that of single sheet rolling.

The company selects steel raw materials and controls every quality link from the source to ensure high quality. Each process is strictly checked to ensure that there is zero failure rate in the customer's on-site use. Provide customers with high-quality Corten A steel price products and services with an innovative spirit and work together with customers to create a better future. The company can process and cut various special-shaped parts according to customer needs, and can also customize futures of various material specifications according to requirements.

The loose coil annealed Corten A steel price steel sheet (O.C.A) developed by the United States is a special annealing of the boiling steel sheet in an atmosphere containing water vapor and hydrogen, because annealing in this atmosphere can remove the solid solution and carbides in the steel The compound carbon in the medium suppresses the aging sensitivity and further softens the Corten A steel price steel plate.

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