ASTM Weathering Steel Plate

Wholesale price of density of a242 type 2 steel steel plate

density of A242 Type 2 steel gives very good practical effects in architectural decoration design, and can be used as building exterior wall, landscape bridge, etc.

Main applications: density of A242 Type 2 steel it is mainly used to manufacture the products that do not require high surface quality and do not need deep drawing, such as ventilation pipes, mechanical covers, switch boxes, file cabinets, etc. It is also commonly used as billet for welded pipes and density of A242 Type 2 steel cold-formed steel sections.

2000 tons hot rolled sheet density of A242 Type 2 steel inventory list7*2920*8780, 6*1650*10570, 5.5*3000*5000, 6*2310*8500, 6*2750*9600, 7*2000*8950, 5*2570*8000, 6*1850*7510, 7*2560*8600, 8*2100*8000, 6*1750*8500, 7*2920*13000, 7*2920*8780, 8*2920*6300, 6*2960*10700, 6.5*2200*10000, 8*1800*6850, 8*3040*4000, 8*1500*4850, 8*1700*6300, 10*2000*7700, 10*2030*8200, 10*1750*6000.

We have a large number of density of A242 Type 2 steel steel materials in stock, and provide deep processing services such as welding. In addition to simple welding parts, we can also weld H-beam, box column and other profiles. For such welded structure, our advantage is that there are high-quality and low-cost raw material steel plates, which can be cut into the density of A242 Type 2 steel required size and welded into steel products with required shape and size, without being limited by the specifications of rolling production lines.

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