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What is astm a242 corten steel temperature range

Precautions for procurement of astm a242 corten steel, corrosion resistant steel. First, thickness. According to the thickness, corrosion-resistant steel can be divided into thin plate, medium plate, thick plate and extra thick plate, and each thickness has different application fields. Second, the choice of length and width, which can be cut to required size. Third, standards, each country has its own standards, so when purchasing corrosion resistant steel, it depends on which country it is used. Fourth, it is better to let professionals to purchase astm a242 corten steel or corrosion resistant steel.

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Chromium element (Cr element) can improve the strength and hardness of astm a242 corten steel, carbon steel in rolling state, reduce elongation and area reduction. When the chromium content is more than 15%, the strength and hardness will decrease, while the elongation and reduction of area will increase correspondingly. It is easy to obtain high surface processing quality for steel parts containing chromium after grinding. The main function of chromium element (Cr element) in quenched and tempered steel structure is to improve hardenability, so that the steel has better comprehensive mechanical properties after quenching and tempering.

After heating, a billet is refined for several passes of rolling, then edge cutting and straightening to become a astm a242 corten steel steel plate, which is called hot rolling. Due to its high strength, good toughness, easy processing, good weldability and other excellent properties, hot rolled steel plate products are widely used in shipbuilding, automobile, bridge, construction, machinery, pressure vessel and other manufacturing industries.

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