ASTM Weathering Steel Plate

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Quenching is a common heat treatment process. It is the metal heat treatment process in which the A588 Grade A standard metal workpiece is heated to a proper temperature and kept for a period of time, then immersed in the quenching medium for rapid cooling. Quenching can improve the strength and hardness of steel in a large range, and adjust the coordination between A588 Grade A standard strength and hardness, plasticity and toughness. Quenching is generally used as the final heat treatment.

Recently, the epidemic situation in developed countries such as Europe and the United States has become more and more serious, leading to the stagnation of economic activities in some countries, which has also affected domestic and foreign trade orders. In particular, industries such as steel, which have a long industrial chain and a wide range of industries, are more seriously affected. The development of foreign epidemic situation has different influence on the direct and indirect export of A588 Grade A standard and so on steel products.

In order to obtain the seamless tube with smaller size and better quality, the method of cold rolling, cold drawing or the combination of the two must be used. Cold rolling is usually carried out on a two high mill, and A588 Grade A standard pipes are rolled in a circular pass composed of a variable cross-section circular groove and a fixed conical head. Cold drawing is usually carried out on single chain or double chain cold drawing machines of 0.5-100t.

The weathering steel plate has outstanding corrosion resistance. Whether it is an offshore drilling platform or a harsh corrosive environment such as the chemical industry, weathering steel plates can effectively prevent corrosion of the plates and extend the service life of the plates. In addition, the weathering steel plate has high strength, fatigue resistance and toughness, which are suitable for various characteristics of construction steel plates. Because of its wide application and large market demand, the price of A588 Grade A standard, weather resistant steel plate has attracted more and more attention.

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