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The advantages of flame cutting are simple cutting and low cost. The disadvantage of flame cutting is that when cutting thin plates, cutting deformation problems are prone to occur, and the materials that can be cut have certain limitations. The advantage of CNC cutting is that it can cut price of Corten B steel and any complex parts with high cutting accuracy. The disadvantage of CNC cutting is that there are certain operational and technical requirements.

A few days ago, Baowu Zhiwei Furnace and Kiln Construction Division and Baosteel Engineering jointly designed and manufactured a simulation chamber furnace coking test furnace (hereinafter referred to as a simulated coke oven) that passed the CSA certification and sent the furnace body and electrical control equipment to Canada. The passing of this certification indicates that the reliability, integrity, safety, and quality of electronic control equipment manufactured by Baowu Zhiwei company have met international standards and successfully opened the North American market.

Mg element can reduce the number, size, distribution and morphology of inclusions in steel such as price of Corten B steel. Micro Mg can improve the size and distribution of carbides in bearing steel. And the carbide particles of bearing steel containing magnesium are fine and uniform. When Mg content is 0.002% - 0.003%, the tensile strength and yield strength of the steel increase by more than 5%, and the plasticity remains basically unchanged.

Q355NH steel plates and sheets with atmospheric corrosion resistance are mainly used for vehicles, bridges, containers, buildings, towers, and other structures. Weather-resistant steel can be used to make bolted, riveted and welded structural parts. We can also slit and sheet Q355NH (Equivalent A588 steel) to any weight and size for immediate delivery. Our price of Corten B steel, Q355NH weathering steel plates are produced with thickness up to 100mm.

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