ASTM Weathering Steel Plate

Effect of cooling process on microstructure and properties of a242 type 1 steel weathering corrosion

Medium and thick steel plates are widely used in construction engineering, machinery manufacturing, container manufacturing, shipbuilding, bridge construction and so on. However, each project has different requirements for plate size. How to cut A242 Type 1 steel weathering corrosion, medium and thick steel plates? There are many ways, for example, flame cutting, laser cutting, wire cutting, plasma cutting, ultra-high pressure water cutting and so on.

Under normal exposure to the atmosphere, A242 Type 1 steel weathering corrosion, bare steel forms a tight protective oxide film during the first few months of atmospheric corrosion. Sometimes architects choose bare steel structures because they want to get the appearance of uniform atmospheric oxidation on the steel surface, and sometimes they are to save the protective coating for economic purposes. To use these low-alloy high-strength steels in a bare state, the design must consider that the surface of the steel cannot be wet for a long time, and special attention should be paid to the special atmospheric environment to ensure that the corrosion rate of the steel is allowed under this condition.

The data shows that Southeast Asia is the main A242 Type 1 steel weathering corrosion and so on steel export region of China, and the steel export volume of Asia in 2019 is 37.198 million tons; that of North America and South America is 4.0678 million tons, and that of Europe is 1.1358 million tons. According to the latest epidemic data, South Korea and Japan are the most affected countries in Southeast Asia. However, the growth rate of the number of confirmed cases slowed down significantly, while the situation of the epidemic in Italy, a major European steel export country, was still severe, with the number of confirmed cases exceeding 53000. Therefore, the recovery speed of European market is slower than that of Southeast Asia.

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