ASTM Weathering Steel Plate

Can application of a242 type 2 steel price break through new high

For gas cutting with the guest, and better ways to provide, for the natural gas in cutting added some shortcomings existed in the optimization, using rare earth fuel gain agent, can achieve cutting application of A242 Type 2 steel thin plate and thick plate and even cutting requirement of the ladle, and good effect of cut, cutting speed and a lot faster than the pure natural gas.

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The basic phases of application of A242 Type 2 steel, structural steel in the annealed state are ferrite and carbide. The alloy elements are dissolved in ferrite to form alloy ferrite, which depends on solid solution strengthening to increase strength and hardness, but at the same time reduce plasticity and toughness. The addition of alloying elements reduces the carbon content of the eutectoid point, which increases the proportion of pearlite in the structure and reduces the distance of the pearlite layer. This also increases the strength of the steel and reduces the plasticity.

When phosphorus, copper, chromium, nickel and other trace elements are added to the weathering steel sheet, a dense and strong adhesion protective film will be formed on the steel surface, which will hinder the corrosion from spreading and developing inside, and protect the substrate under the rust layer, so as to slow down the corrosion rate. That is why the weathering steel sheet, application of A242 Type 2 steel has good atmosphere corrosion resistance.

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