ASTM Weathering Steel Plate

900 tons 10mm a242 type 1 steel plate shipped to Sri Lanka

The use of low carbon steel is limited due to its low strength. The strength of the carbon steel can be greatly improved by properly increasing the manganese content in the 10mm A242 Type 1 steel plate carbon steel and adding some alloy elements such as vanadium, titanium and niobium. If the carbon content in the carbon steel is reduced and a small amount of aluminum, boron and carbide forming elements are added, the ultra-low carbon bainite can be obtained, 10mm A242 Type 1 steel plate which has high strength and good plasticity and toughness.

In Nov, 2018, our Mozambique customer purchased from BBN company 500 tons carbon steel Q235B steel structure for building 10 units of gas station. We have been cooperate more than 5 years for providing plate and pipes and 10mm A242 Type 1 steel plate profile as beginning, and they are very satisfied with all the received Cargo. We extend in-house cutting, welding, grinding, bending and certification and testing of our products, on client demand. If you are interested in our steel structures or steel plate price, welcome to contact us.

Pickled steel coils are processed by pickling machines to remove the oxide layer. Because of the deoxidation treatment, certain characteristics of the pickled steel coils are more prominent. First, the surface is smoother and exquisite. For products that require the appearance of the steel plates, pickling steel coil is a good choice. Second, the surface of the pickled steel coil is smooth and not easy to oxidize, and it is convenient and quick to paint. Third, 10mm A242 Type 1 steel plate, pickled steel coils have high precision.

S355J2 hot rolled steel plate executive standard: EN10025-2S355J2 hot rolled steel plate delivery status: control binding, normalizing rolling, normalizingThe European standard S355J2 hot rolled steel plate is available from 10mm A242 Type 1 steel plate stock and can be cut and processed according to the requirements of customers; the futures can be produced according to your requirements, and our S355J2 hot rolled steel plate price is preferential and the delivery time is fast, welcome to contact and purchase.

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Next260 tons 4140 alloy and a242 type 1 steel density delivered to Ukraine